CSK Aesthetics Clinic’s Unethical Advertising

Prive Aesthetics

Singapore’s aesthetics industry is highly competitive and sometimes the clinics can go overboard with their advertising. While Google does not restrict advertisers from using trademarked terms in the keywords, using them in the ad copy (i.e. Ad Text) is a different story altogether – especially when the intention is to mislead the unsuspecting user. Continue reading

Rakuten Malaysia Expo 2013

Rakuten Malaysia Expo 2013

We were given a booth at Rakuten’s Expo in Kuala Lumpur last Monday. The event was held at The Gardens Hotel, which was literally next door to our Malaysian office. The annual expo is held in several parts of the world but since it’s the first one here, the crowd was unsurprisingly small at about 100 pax. Continue reading

E-Commerce Case Study: Singapore

At SearchGuru, we manage the SEO and SEM campaigns for several online stores, ranging from small home-based businesses to much bigger setups – in both Singapore and Malaysia. I’d like to share some of my observations here, which I think will be useful for those involved in E-commerce, especially on where to spend your marketing dollars. Continue reading