Managing AirAsia’s Search Campaign


AirAsia engaged us in Jan 2014 to manage their Search campaigns (Google and Yahoo) for Malaysia and the Philippines. This was a tough project because Google’s Travel team was already managing for them, and they had access to additional insights that weren’t publicly available, so AirAsia wasn’t sure how much more value we could bring. Continue reading

Singapore’s NCPG Anti-Gambling Ad Fails Big Time

Singapore’s NCPG anti-gambling advertisement fails big time as Germany wins the World Cup. I wonder why they picked one of the favourites, when they could’ve gone with a team like England instead? Makes you wonder if the copywriter even watches football :)

Anyway, here are BEFORE & AFTER screen grabs from the website – it looks like NCPG has changed the anti-gambling ad to save themselves from further embarassment.

Singapore Anti-Gambling Ad

CSK Aesthetics Clinic’s Unethical Advertising

Prive Aesthetics

Singapore’s aesthetics industry is highly competitive and sometimes the clinics can go overboard with their advertising. While Google does not restrict advertisers from using trademarked terms in the keywords, using them in the ad copy (i.e. Ad Text) is a different story altogether – especially when the intention is to mislead the unsuspecting user. Continue reading