Managing AirAsia’s Search Campaign


AirAsia engaged us in Jan 2014 to manage their Search campaigns (Google and Yahoo) for Malaysia and the Philippines. This was a tough project because Google’s Travel team was already managing for them, and they had access to additional insights that weren’t publicly available, so AirAsia wasn’t sure how much more value we could bring.What we’d do was have weekly meetings with the AirAsia and Google teams – either at LCCT or Google’s office, plan and implement a strategy, then review the results the following week. This process would be repeated and tracked on a Gantt chart, and there would also be daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.

During the 6 months, we tested with many different strategies to increase reach, improve Quality Score, lower CPC, increase conversion, etc. – I shall not discuss what we did in detail for obvious reasons. However, our most important KPI is to increase the Return on Investment (ROI), i.e. for every dollar that I spend on AdWords, how much X dollar do I get in return?

We did a 6-month review with AirAsia 2 weeks ago and not only did we doubled ROI from 100x to more than 200x, we also lowered the average CPCs by more than 80%. This prompted AirAsia to shift more spend from traditional to digital advertising. In addition, they also not only extended our contract but gave us Singapore too.

I’d like to congratulate the SearchGuru team for a job well done. It’s obviously not easy to improve on a campaign that’s managed by Google, but we did it anyway!

Next up, we’ll be launching a credit card mobile app and also an online shopping deals aggregator, which we have launched in Malaysia called