Autovacstore – S$411 Spent, S$38,400 Sales

Autovacstore Singapore

Autovacstore is an online retailer of robotic vacuum cleaners like the iRobot Roomba and has been our SEO client for 1.5 years. I tried to convince Jerry to advertise on Google AdWords but like many SMEs, he wasn’t quite convinced that it will work and viewed the proposed advertising budget merely as “added costs”.

After 2-3 months of convincing, I finally told Jerry that we will run a trial where SearchGuru will not charge him a single cent for setup and management, and in addition, we will also fund the campaign. And if the trial fails, I will never bug him about AdWords again.

I made the offer at Ya Kun Kaya in Raffles City (must be the perfect eggs and delicious toasts) and Jerry agreed on the spot. So we designed a simple and basic Search campaign for the trial – no Display or Remarketing.

CPC Goals

During the 30 days, we spent S$411 on AdWords. The campaign generated 36 sales and assisted in 29. Which means, the Google AdWords campaign generated a total of 59 sales – directly and indirectly. Do note that this does not even include telephone orders.

Assisted Conversions

The prices of the robotic vacuum cleaners range from S$550 to S$910. Assuming an average price of S$650 a unit, the S$411 campaign generated a total sale of S$38,400. Needless to say, Jerry gladly signed on with us after the trial.