World Cup Marketing Opportunity on Google?

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

With just another month to go before the Brazil World Cup 2014 kick-off, I thought it would be befitting to write about the search opportunity for this once-every-4-years event. I will be using  Malaysia, for the purpose of this article.

Search Volume
Below are the search volumes for some “world cup” related keywords in Malaysia for April 2014, based on Google’s Keyword Planner. Eventhough it’s only April, there are already 33,100 exact keyword searches for the term “world cup 2014” alone.

Keyword Tool

Search Trends
Using Google Trends, you’ll find that the interest peaks every 4 years and right around the first week of the tournament. The screenshot below shows the search interest in Malaysia in 2010 for the keywords world cup, world cup 2010, fifa world cup, world cup schedule and world cup results (in this exact order).


The respective Search Index for Jun 13th – 19th, 2010 (i.e. the peak) are as follows:
Рworld cup = 100  (i.e. the highest search volume)
– world cup 2010 = 65
– fifa world cup = 27
– world cup schedule = 8
– world cup results = 5

This means that the search interest for “fifa world cup” is 27% of the interest for “world cup”, for example. If I looked up the search index for “world cup + year” for April 2010, it returns me a value of 2.5 and this number peaks at 65 in June as above – an increase of 26 times!

Marketing Opportunity
Looking at the search volumes again, “world cup 2014” had a search volume of 33,100 in April 2014. To estimate the peak in June, we multiply this number by 26 and which gives us 860,600 exact keyword searches. If we take into account all the other “world cup” related keywords, we can safely expect search volumes in the millions – which means immense opportunity for the advertiser targeting this particular demographics.

What kind of demographics can we expect? Below is the demographics I got from Google’s Display Planner for a related website, i.e. ESPN, and it shows 70% male and 52% in the 25 – 54 year old age range. Taken into account the timing of the games (around 3am Malaysian time), the suitable products that can be promoted range from credit cards to food delivery to sports equipements.


However, running an Ad Preview lookup for the keyword “world cup 2014” showed only one single ad – satellite tv operator Astro promoting their world cup package. Will we see more search ads when the games kick off in June? Let’s wait and see.


(Shameless plug: check out the complete world cup schedule at or visit the official FIFA website for more).